Discovery Launches New Facebook-Powered "The Colony" Campaign

Discovery Channel has launched a new campaign to promote the upcoming season of “The Colony” which will recreate what it would be like to live during a global pandemic. To promote the show, the company has created a promotion which utilizes Facebook Connect to create a custom news feed which mimics what your Facebook newsfeed would look like during a global pandemic. The campaign appears to be more educational than entertaining, but definitely clever.

As shown in the video below, the campaign lets you scroll through an extremely long series of updates from your friends combined with videos from news stories that provide information on the viral outbreak. Discovery appears to have thoroughly embraced Facebook Connect-powered campaigns as their previous shark week campaign also leveraged the service. The most obvious thing to say about this campaign is that “it takes viral marketing to a new level”.
Despite the pun, the team over at Campfire NYC did a great job of putting this campaign together. While it would be great to see my friends show up in many of the fake news videos, it’s still a clever idea. I doubt that the campaign will actually go viral as it doesn’t have a compelling call to action which encourages the user to share the page, but it’s definitely creative. If you want to participate, go check out the new campaign for “The Colony”. We’ve also included a video of the experience below.