Content Making Its Way Into the San Diego Union-Tribune

Back in April, the San Diego Union-Tribune decided to purchase the local lifestyle website for an undisclosed amount. Two months later the U-T laid off a bunch of staffers, including metro editor David Ogul, Cathy Snapp of the business section and editorial writer Don Sevrens. We’d be speculating if we said there was a direct correlation between the two. What is clear is this: some of the content from is beginning to filter its way into the Union-Tribune‘s print products–and the results are scary. Here are the lead graphs of the latest “Michelle Scene” column from the U-T’s Night&Day Street weekly paper.

Here at, we have a unique company culture that revolves around SoCal lifestyle. Coachella is considered a work holiday, and it’s always appropriate to cruise in a little late, and a little under the weather, following an epic party at FLUXX, Voyeur or Sting. So you can imagine the state of internal affairs after one of the most amazing Fourth of July weekends San Diego has ever seen. View party photos.

80-degree weather and bright sunshine paired with internationally acclaimed talent across every outdoor stage in the city. You better believe the DSD crew, myself included, hit all the top parties in town. What? It’s our job to live and breathe the iconic lifestyle we preach to you, our loyal readers. Just call it research. Oh, and put the next round on our CEO, Party Jeff.

Dear God. How did this cheese find its way into print? The writer goes on to brag about how some DJ plied her “unlimited champagne” in the “VIP booth.” She then went on to plug his crew.

Not surprisingly, the one comment on the column begins with “Can I puke now?”

Again, we don’t know the financials of the U-T deal with But if metro and business reporting was sacrificed for what we see above, we’re beyond appalled.