Discover the Video Web With MeFeedia

mefeediaLooking for videos on the Web? If you want to scour over 15,000 Websites that house and host video, then Mefeedia‘s new video search is for you.

Videos are viewable without having to leave Registered users can stay updated by subscribing to their favorite feeds or by aggregating a collection of feeds to their iPod or PSP.

A social networking element is introduced with the “What I’m Watching” section. Here’s your chance to share your personalized video channel with the world. Here you can make Meeps (Mefeedia Media Peeps) who can turn you on to new content or help you filter your playlist.

Speaking of filtering, video search can be narrowed down by date, related terms, show or by vertical category.

Users can create a collaborative video collection on just about any topic. Current popular examples include Tech Geek Girls, Second Life Tutorials and Vlog Cookbook.

Vertical video search joins TV Search, Music Search, and Podcast Search to round out the Mefeedia product. When searching specifically for one of my podcasts, I couldn’t help but notice the feed information was not current update. Despite dozens of other Websites picking up my updated RSS feed, Mefeedia is showing me over-a-year-old results.

Video search is currently in beta, as the company continues to index.

Mefeedia currently is receiving several million visitors a month, proclaiming they are the best place to discover great videos, TV, Web series, and music. What do you think?