Discover New TV Shows With Televisor

Looking for some TV shows to watch because you just finished your favorite series? Check out Televisor, a new recommendation search engine for television shows.

You can search the app with your favorite shows to get recommendations on other shows that you might like. A search for Breaking Bad recommends Louie, Mad Men, Dexter and The Wire, among others. A search for The Rockford Files results in recommendations for other vintage detective shows including Columbo and Magnum P.I. The shows include Metacritic ratings to help you decide if it’s worth watching.

One of the best parts of the site is that you can search by streaming channel. So say, for instance, you have Netflix and Amazon Prime but not Hulu. You can search for shows like Breaking Bad that are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime only. You can also search a TV show for recommendations by genre — crime, drama or thriller. A Breaking Bad search, mixed in with the crime genre, for example, will generate different results than a search for the show in the thriller category. You can also break out recent and classic shows to help further segment your search.

Once you click onto a show’s page, you can check out reviews, click through to the show’s listing on IMDB and Metacritic and see where you can stream the show online.

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