Discover Free Short Stories with Paragraph Shorts App

Short stories occupy such a small real estate, but they now have a new home in Paragraph Shorts, a free app dedicated to the dissemination of short stories.

Paragraph Shorts is the vision of Ziv Navoth, a short storyteller with a mission to “do to the short story what iTunes did to singles – provide people with a great way to enjoy quality, bite-sized experiences, discovering not only great stories, but great writers.” Navoth’s personal novel, Nanotales, is a collection of short stories without chapters or pages. When promoting the novel, Navoth was discouraged by booksellers who told him that  ” no one buys books of short stories.”

Like Navoth’s personal work, Paragraph Shorts challenges traditional paper forms of storytelling. The app pairs short stories with beautiful photos and artwork, videos, and musical accompaniments for an inclusive entertainment experience. Paragraph Shorts are published in a weekly magazine format with a selection of seven short stories along with its multimedia accompaniments.

Paragraph Shorts introduces users to literary publications they may not be familiar with. Users will be able to “follow” their favorite publications and each time a story is shared via email, Twitter, or Facebook, it sends the recipient back to the source—increasing exposure and engagement for publishers.

Few authors willingly give away their creative works, so the library of shared stories on Paragraph shorts are curated from a database of free stories without a paywall. Literary magazine, The Paris Review,  has already agreed to allow Paragraph Shorts exclusive access to previously locked content – a move that other publishers should follow as potential short readers might be future subscribers.

Via Mashable