Disclaimify Tells Followers That Your Tweets Do NOT Imply Endorsement

We know that your tweets don’t imply endorsement, particularly when you’re sharing something controversial like Alec Baldwin’s latest rant, but unfortunately many of your followers may think that your tweets, retweets and shares are endorsing the tweet or link in some way.

Short of posting a disclaimer with every tweet (which would be impossible), many resort to devoting much of their 160 character description to this clarification. But now you don’t have to – say hello to Disclaimify.

Greg Galant, CEO and Co-Founder of Sawhorse Media, the creators of Muck Rack, tells us how they came up with the idea:

During our last #muckedup Twitter chat, we were surprised by how many journalists felt it was necessary to include disclaimers in their Twitter bio despite all the precious characters it takes. We went through our database of journalists and saw all the disclaimers said roughly the same thing, so we saw an opportunity to help.

And help they did! They created Disclaimify, the world’s first disclaimer shortener. Here’s what it looks like in your bio, using a typical journalist as an example (yes, we know you’re all secretly superheroes).:

And here’s what folks see when they visit the link (it’s pretty all-encompassing). Even “tweets =/= endorsement” takes up 22 characters and doesn’t cover much.

“Disclaimify does for social media disclaimers what bit.ly did for links, so we expect this to be very popular with journalists. Journalists can use the liberated characters to make their Twitter bios more compelling, which will collectively cause thousands more to follow journalists,” says Galant.

Anyone can use it, of course, by copying the URL, but it’s obviously geared toward journalists. And if you haven’t yet, joining Muck Rack just makes sense for journalists as the site offers them access to a bunch of other free tools.

So what do you think? Do you plan to add Disclaimify to your Twitter bio?

(Two thumbs up image from Shutterstock)