Directr Raises $1.1 Million for Mobile Home Videos

Capturing a quick video with a smartphone is a lot faster and easier than lugging around a camcorder, but without the right editing tools, your Facebook friends aren’t going to want to sit through the results. Directr has just raised $1.1 million in a funding round led by NextView Ventures to build out a new platform for shooting and editing videos directly from your phone and collaborating with friends.

Directr Promo – Feet from Directr on Vimeo.

Directr is the brainchild of Eli Schleifer, who is a former software engineer at Microsoft with a visual arts background; and Max Goldman, who was the director of product marketing at the business execution software company SuccessFactors. Boston Seed Capital, Advancit Capital, Initialized Capital, and angel investors Thomas Lehrman, Ron Shah, and Joe Caruso also participated in the funding round.

The founders told TechCrunch that rather than fighting with other apps like Viddy, Socialcam, and Klip to be the “Instagram of video,” the company hopes to make the process of shooting, editing, and distributing the videos simple enough that people can focus on telling good stories.

It’s hard to picture what this will look like, as the site has yet to launch. But the short video above gives a sneak peak at where they’re going with it. Taken at face value, it shows different people sharing the common experience of documenting their lives with their smartphones. If the collaborative editing tools are more advanced, however, the direction for that scene could have gone something like this: “Hey, guys. Everybody take a video of your feet and and we’ll make a foot montage out of it. Go.”

To try it out, check to see if your username is available and sign up with your Facebook credentials here.