Directory of Twitter Apps

With the many third-party Twitter applications/plug-ins that are coming out, maybe it’s time to have a Twitter Apps Store. Or at least an online directory of these applications would be more useful. Actually, there are already three that we know of, and the most recent of which to come out is Twitdom – the Twitter Apps Database. The other two are Twitter Apps and Twitter Fan Wiki/Apps.


twitdomTwitdom’s Twitter Application Database provides a simple listing of Twitter applications. It currently has around 63 Twitter applications listed and is encouraging user submissions of Twitter applications that they know about. It’s a simple listing, no bells and whistles or anything. The Twitter applications are categorized into Browser plugins, Desktop, Mashups, Mobile and Web.

Twitter Fan Wiki/Apps

twitterfanwikiLike Twitdom, the Twitter Fan Wiki/Apps list various Twitter applications in different categories. You can search for specific applications or simply browse through the Wiki site. As it is a Wiki-based directory, user submission is also encouraged. Aside from listing Twitter apps, Twitter Fan Wiki has loads of Twitter stuff on the site. So if you are a Twitter fan, you would definitely want to check this site.

Twitter Apps UK

twitterappsI particularly like this site which lists down all the Twitter applications that come out everyday. The updates frequently and never seemed to run out of applications to list. It’s a simple listing with just a few words of description and the direct link to the Twitter apps. The site is built on WordPress, so you can also leave a comment after every application post.

Do you have other Twitter applications directory that you know of? Please tell us through the comments and we will add them to the list.