Directions to Lobbying Information from CQ Press: Take First Street

Advice from CQ Press for people from lobbyists, law firms, associations, and other groups seeking congressional, government, and lobbying data: Take a walk down First Street.

First Street offers users data from as far back as 1993 from sources including lobbyist registrations, congressional and federal staff directories, election data, and the Federal Election Commission, and users can research contacts’ work histories in Congress and identify who is lobbying whom and why.

Subscription rates for First Street will be tiered and based on number of users. Internal beta testing began in November, with an exclusive private beta set for December, and public beta in January. First Street is set to go live Jan. 31.

Director of special markets Jasper Simons, previously vice president and publisher of CIG Media Group, oversaw the launch of First Street, aided by online business-development manager Stephen Stesney, formerly with Kiplinger Washington Editors; manager of online product development Mary Grace Palumbo; executive director of publishing technologies John Shaw; North American sales manager Ron Parisi; and senior marketing manager Ben Krasney.

CQ Press president and publisher John A. Jenkins said:

This type of policy intelligence-gathering tool is nonexistent in today’s market. First Street is a one-stop shop unrivaled in breadth and scope of content, and it is a must for policymakers, lawyers, and other Beltway professionals looking for a competitive edge.

Information is currency in this town, and First Street provides policymakers with $1 million worth in one easy click. We are anticipating a robust response.