Dingell v. Bresnahan

Following this story in the Politico’s “The Crypt,” a back and forth occurred between Rep. John Dingell (and the commenters who support him) and reporter John Bresnahan:

Dingell: “This morning’s story in the Politico suggesting that I would consider supporting the Barton-Hastert plan is utterly false. Had the Politico asked me, they would have heard a simple answer: no. I am working closely with House Speaker Pelosi to craft an energy bill that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, promote alternative energy sources, reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming, and build a better future for our children. That is my priority, the Speaker’s priority, and the priority of the House Democratic Caucus.”

Bresnahan (in response to both Dingell and various writers in the comments section): “Here is Dingell’s comment bashing my story. He does not deny that the meeting with the Republicans on the Barton-Hastert CAFE bill took place, but he does say that he has no intention of voting for the Republican legislation. Dingell also says he supports Pelosi on the overall energy package, despite the the fact that they are backing rival CAFE bills and Dingell tried mightily to block the creation of Markey’s special global-warming panel. Please also note, for all those that have commented on this article, that Politico did not report that Dingell was going to definitely throw his support to the Barton-Hastert bill. And for the record, I did talk to Democratic sources, as well as Republican sources, for this story. I have been doing this for a long time, a lot longer than most of you have been paying attention to Congress. You may not like the story, but it’s true. Also remember that Dingell has been around for a long, long time, and he knows how to respond to a problematic story. Read carefully what he is not saying, as well as what he is saying. Thanks, John”