Diner Dash Review

Diner Dash is an Android app from PlayFirst. It is now available on Google Play for free and carries additional in-purchases.

Diner Dash was originally released in 2003 on the PC. Since then, the title has made its way onto many platforms including Mac, iOS, and now Android. The new Android release doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but the large audience who may have may not have had a chance to play the iOS version finally have a chance to play one of the most downloaded games of all time.

Diner Dash places players in the role of Flo, a waitress whose main focus is to keep customers satisfied. The game starts off simple by walking players through a stage. Players will drag customers to an open seat, take their orders to the window, bring them their food, and clean the tables. The simple approach and slow-paced start is a great way for players to get used to the game, but the speed and difficulty quickly picks up when more customers and larger groups start coming in. Another layer of difficulty is revealed when new customers are introduced. There are numerous customers and they each have their own personality and timing. To find success in Diner Dash, players need to learn what makes each customer unique and plan strategy around it.

Diner Dash presents dozens of levels. Within each level, players can earn up to three stars. Two stars can be gained when the player’s score reaches certain marks. A third star is earned when the player accomplishes a specific goal for the level. These third goals vary in difficulty, but they all provide a heightened level of challenge. Obtaining all three stars in any given stage is often a tricky task, but because most stages are quick to play, players can easily try again if they come up short. Players aren’t required to earn three stars in each stage, but those looking for an extra challenge will jump at the opportunity.

Diner Dash monetizes in two ways. The first method is offering free and premium versions of the game. The free version only comes with seven stages, and is more of a trial version than a free game. The premium version, features 50 more levels, five new locations, and a handful of new customers and challenges. The premium version can be downloaded as an in-app purchase for $2.99, and players who enjoy the free game will get a ton of added value. The other method of monetization is through in-app purchases. During the game, Flo gets tips from happy customers. Tips can be used to purchase upgrade and boost items. Upgrades are passive effects that make the game easier, while boosts are single-use consumables that make the game easier for a short time. The money earned in-game can buy a few items, but users can buy bundles of in-game currency ranging from $0.99 to $24.99. Even the cheap bundles provide a lot of bang for the player’s buck, given them extra motivation to upgrade their character.

Diner Dash is an excellent game that Android users are finally able to experience. The major audience looks to be mobile gaming fans who may not have played the game on PC or iOS. Diner Dash will certainly not disappoint that group, as its short levels and simple gameplay produce short gameplay sessions that are perfect for mobile devices. The monetization methods work well, and players aren’t pressured into spending in-game currency. Diner Dash hasn’t changed too much over the years, but it’s still a welcome addition to the Android library.

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One of the most popular downloadable games makes its way to Android.