PlayFirst Adds Facebook Connect To Diner Dash 5

PlayFirst LogoPlayFirst is including Facebook Connect in their upcoming release of Diner Dash 5: Boom for PC/Mac. Players will be able to gift a power-ups to friends by logging into Facebook Connect. There is no further integration with Facebook in the game, and no mention has been made of whether similar functionality will exist on other platforms. There will also be Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to the game, but these do not affect gameplay.

The Diner Dash game mechanics already have a place on social networks in the form of other games, including Playfish’s Restaurant City and Zynga’s Cafe World. These games draw on the time-based challenge that Diner Dash pioneered to create social experiences, and have had considerable success with 14,000,000 and 30,000,000 MAU, respectively. It’s interesting to note that the new Diner Dash is not a Facebook game, and is using Facebook Connect to augment its PC/Mac downloadable gameplay.

Diner Dash has been a huge success across a variety of platforms including mobile, iPhone, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and Nintendo DS since its debut in 2004. The game has been downloaded more than 550 million times across the globe. The question here is whether the single item will be enough to spread the game virally. By having the one item, the goal here will just be to allow players to engage in a one-time gift to their friends. I assume part of this initiative is intended to invite players who don’t yet have the game, thereby giving them an incentive to buy the game and use the powerup.