Dilbert goes web 2.0

dilbert_logo1.gifWe all remember the comic strip, Dilbert right? Well, apparently our dear old trusty friend Dilbert has been reading too much of Rotorblog and our coverage of social networks and web 2.0 stuff. So, he decided to go along with the wave, and reinvent his Dilbert comic strips site Dilber.com into something more web 2.0ish. Welcome Dilbert 2.0!Of course, lest I’ll be accused of misinformation by Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, the introductory statement were all assumption, presumption and what-have-yous. But it’s true that Dilbert.com has introduced some interactive components to reinvent the site, and make Dilbert the comic strip adapt to the new web.


So, what are in store for Dilbert fans in this day of social networking/web 2.0 environment? First are interactive Dilbert strips that gets updated daily. Using web streaming video facility, we get to watch funny snippets of Dilbert’s daily dose of satire and comic.

Next, Dilbert.com now has a “mashup” feature, where we can put an ending to a current Dilbert strip. Yes, time to tap into our funny, comic side and add our own flavor of wit to the Dilber comics. It’s sure fun!

Of course, what would be a web 2.0 site without widgets? Dilbert also lets us snatch his comic strip widget and embed them into our own site/blog for our daily dose Dilbert fun.

Finally, if you love the guy so much, you would want to register as a Dilbert.com member, right? If you register, you get to create your own profile where you can save your favorite Dilbert strip, build lists and send them to your friends. Your Dilbert profile is a way for you to control your own Dilbert universe.

Now, ain’t that fun?