Digsby Upgrades Include Invisibility for Gtalk

Multiple chat client Digsby is undergoing a few changes, all of which are being revealed today. The desktop application that lets you login to several chat and social media services at once has seen a good amount of success since launching less than two years ago, but Digsby is now focused on gaining the top spot as a stable and functional instant messaging tool.

In order to achieve this, Digsby has redone a great deal of its performance optimization, reducing overall CPU usage by nearly 50%. File transfers have also been improved for AIM, ICQ and MSN. Support has also been added for MySpace status updates, and for the invisible status on Gtalk.

Other improvements for Digsby relate to the IM tool’s usability, adding a shortcut option for easily searching your buddy list or the web, and a new option for IM windows to be initiated in hidden status and blink the tray icon, instead of opening up an entirely new window. The infobox has also been updated so that its interface is the same as the IM window, making it faster and easier to navigate. The icing on the cake would have to be the four new emoticon packs Digsby has added, so your true personality can shine through.

As an all-inclusive messaging tool, encompassing email, instant messaging, status updates across various social networks and more, Digsby has long been working towards becoming a centralizing tool for nearly everything you do to communicate with others online. In order to further establish itself as a strong front-runner, continued updates such as Facebook chat support and infrastructure support are quite necessary.

For some, these current updates may not seem like a huge deal. For others, the simple ability to appear invisible on Gtalk while using Digsby may be the only selling point they need. But whatever the case may be, Digsby is one of the more usable and versatile desktop clients out there.

Are you a Digsby user? Let us know what you think of the changes.