Digsby Makes Chatting Easier

Yesterday, Digsby announced that they now provide support for Facebook. This now makes is the chat application with access to the most chat platforms. The only downside of Digsby is if you have multiple chat logins, you are going to have to scroll through a lot of usernames.

Also, if you have set up aliases for different users on another chat platform, it doesn’t transfer those over. That can get pretty annoying when you have a couple hundred contacts on AIM or another chat. It also sucks that you can’t sort users by name within status. Aside from that, Digsby is an awesome application. The fact that Facebook chat has been extended beyond the platform is also really great.

For the past few years, I been suggesting that chat needs to be integrated with a social platform. This is a great first step to that. The only downside about the integration so far is that profiles don’t show up directly within the chat application. I’m sure this will be a future feature via a Digsby Facebook application that enables you to make your profile information accessible via Digsby.

While I’ve spent most of this post making suggestions about how Digsby could make their application better, Digsby is one of the best chat applications out there. I now only need to have one chat application open to be able to talk with all of my friends. If you are looking for a simple to use and highly function chat application, Digsby is probably the first one I would recommend. So if you want to get Facebook chat on your desktop, along with Twitter, AIM, G-Chat, and a whole slew of others, go download Digsby.