Digsby Integrates Your IM, Email and Social Network Accounts

digsby_logo.jpgWouldn’t if be neat if you could integrate your Instant Messaging, Email and Social networking account into one application? Well, Digsby actually does that.

Digsby which is currently in closed beta stage (note: you need an invitation code to get in), could probably the next coolest thing that would happen to online communications. As a neat online communication tool Digsby has the following features:

Instant Messaging – Digsby is a multi-protocol IM client which lets you chat with all your friends on various IM clients such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber. It lets you integrate your buddy lists from those IM clients into one Digsby buddy list.digsby_screenshot1.jpg

Email notification – Digsby alerts you of new email from your accounts in Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM mail, IMAP and POP accounts. As an email tool, it lets you perform various tasks such as marking read items, or reporting spam mails. You can even send email right through the Digsby IM window, no matter which client your contact is using.

Social Networking – As if those two mentioned features were not enough, Digsby adds another and probably its most useful feature, social networking. Digsby alerts you of events in your Facebook and MySpace profile. Be it a new message from your contacts, or newsfeed of what your friends are up to, Digsby gets you updated all the time. Hopefully, more social networking sites will be added later on.

Personalize Your Digsby account – With Digsby you can customize application skins, themes, layout of buddy list, sort buddy list anyway you want, and customized notification system.

But what I really like about Digsby, aside from those features is none other than its cool and hip looking mascot. Digsby could be a cool good video game character.