Exclusive Video: YouTubers Get Down On The Digitour [Part 2]

Last month I had the sweet opportunity to attend The Digitour, the first ever countrywide tour of YouTube musicians, and meet a few of YouTube’s biggest stars.  Last week we released a post with four exclusive videos from the show, including a backstage freestyle rap by Ricky Ficarelli and performances by Christina Grimmie, DeStorm and The Key Of Awesome.  This week we’ve got five more exclusive performances for ya.  And stay tuned, because coming soon we’ve got backstage interviews with Christina Grimmie, DeStorm, Ricky Ficarelli and David Choi.  Check out our second installment of Digitour coverage below, including performances from Dave Days, The Gregory Brothers, David Choi and more.

Christina Grimmie Covers Lady Gaga Telephone – The Digitour

The most popular video from our last installment was Christina Grimmie’s live performance of her original song ‘Liar Liar’, so we decided to bring you another one from this rising star.  Here she is singing a cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’.

David Choi Changes A Battery & Sings Won’t Even Start LIVE

David Choi has an amazing voice.  Whether you are already a fan or haven’t heard him yet, check out the video below.  He sings his first YouTube single, ‘Won’t Even Start’.  Don’t miss the comedic interlude in the middle where there are some technical difficulties and David changes a battery while speaking to “the voice of his conscience.”

Brett The Intern Beatboxes – The Digitour

Brett the Intern provided the comedy relief on The Digitour, coming onstage between each set to do a little bit of standup or tell a funny story.  One of the stories he told was about how DeStorm has been teaching him to beatbox.  He gives us a little demonstration of his beatboxing skills in the video below.

The Gregory Brothers Bed Intruder LIVE on The Digitour

The Gregory Brothers’ ‘Bed Intruder’ was the most-viewed video of 2010 and even made it to the Billboard Top 100 last year, so of course they sang it on stage at The Digitour and, of course, we had to share it with you.

Dave Days – Olive You LIVE – The Digitour

Dave Days, YouTube’s numero uno musician closed out the night with his popular song ‘Olive You’, about being afraid to say ‘I love you’.  At the end he invited all the YouTubers—the Key of Awesome, David Choi, Christina Grimmie, DeStorm and The Gregory Brothers to join him on stage.

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