Digitally Engaged Moms Can Be Your Best Customers, If You’re Smart About It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Take it from me, digitally engaged moms are the best untapped resource around. Forget Millennials, people – everyone is targeting them.

If you’re an everyday product/service – you know, like food or underwear (neither of which I think Millennials use) – showing a little attention to your digitally engaged moms can be your social sharing golden ticket.

Did you know that 81% of moms are more likely to engage with your brand online and buy from you when they’re rewarded? And although they WANT rewards – in a big way – the rewards they would like aren’t very substantial. They want recognition (damn you!) and badges and “Hey Mary! How’d you like that soap you bought last week? Here’s a coupon, just for you, to try another for 50% off!” Squee!

Funny part is, you probably think I’m joking, but the good folks at PunchTab just did a study that agrees with me (excluding the part where I ‘damned’ you).

Check out the following two Infographics to learn more. The first one tells you what moms are willing to do for these rewards (think “marketing data manna” – because that’s what it is). And the second tells you the kinds of rewards these moms are after.

As a competitive mom, I’d add Foursquare Mayorships to the list. Some of us (admit to being) all ‘in your face’ about being top mom with different things.

If you want more great insight into this mom phenomenon and how to target these crazy competitive ladies, check out PunchTab’s free white paper here.




(Image from Shutterstock)

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