Digital TV Transition Pushed To June 12

This is good news for anyone with rabbit ear antennas and a tendency to procrastinate. Congress voted to move back by four months the switch from analog broadcasting to digital. So there’s still time to sign up for the converter-box subsidy program, try hooking the box up to the TV, spew obscenities when it doesn’t work, cry uncle, and order cable. Apparently a lot of us have been putting it off. From the LA Times:

Consumer advocates say as many as 10 million viewers currently get their programming solely from over-the-air broadcasts and are unprepared for the digital transition. They need either a digital TV, a cable or satellite box or a digital-to-analog converter.

“Consumers are confused about where to buy their converter box, about which box to buy, how to hook up their box, what to do if they lose a channel they once got, and whether they need a new antenna,” said Joel Kelsey, a policy analyst with Consumers Union. “Changing the date allows them more time to grapple with those questions.”