Digital Signage Coming to NYC Newsstands

CEMUSA_SALES_2.jpgAs if purveyors of print media didn’t have enough to worry about, now digital is really hitting them where they live—newsstands. CEMUSA, provider of what it calls “street furniture,” has partnered with the high-tech display wizards at Show+Tell to replace the old-school poster billboards on select New York City newsstands (and those swell new bus shelters) with digital signage. Existing poster light boxes will be transformed with sunlight-readable LCD screens. As for what they’ll be showing, expect “an engaging content strategy that incorporates social media, news feeds, real-time HD video broadcasts, and of course—the revenue generating engine—third party advertising,” writes Show+Tell’s Manolo Almagro on DailyDOOH. WireSpring was selected to handle the software end of things, while Almagro credits “the fabrication and engineering ninjas” at Display Devices with figuring out “how to squish a 2 x 2 landscape-oriented matrix of Samsung’s 65″ and (1) 70″ outdoor readable LCD into the existing backlit poster light box,” which sounds rather painful. Look for the new digitally enhanced newsstands and bus shelters to hit NYC this fall.