Digital PR Professionals, Know These Four Skills

Public relations, like the rest of the media world, is constantly shifting as the digital world provides more outlets for communication, but makes it tougher to break through the clutter and grab someone’s attention. In this ever-changing world, what skills do you need most of all?

NextFifteen CEO Tim Dyson gave his two-cents today on what digital PR pros need to know, in order to excel in the industry, and it has a lot to do with community building or knowing what ignites a community. Our sister site PRNewser picked up his post, and here’s what he said you should know.

  • They need to understand the basic online analytical tools that are available to capture what is being said on Twitter, Facebook, a Ning or Grouply site etc.  They also need to be able to interpret the results of these social media measurement tools and connect the dots between this data and other data such as traditional media measurement output.
  • They need to know how to manage a community so that it becomes a real community and not just their client posting to a sea of indifferent followers.
  • They need to be able to create content that is suited to the various platforms the Internet offers.  This is potentially the most difficult area as it requires PR people to move away for pure text-based content to visual images, audio and video as means of influencing people.  PR people need to be able to think in terms of the impact an image or a video or a  can have on someone’s perception of a brand.
  • They need to understand search.  This of course means SEO not just how to look something up on Google.  It therefore means knowing how to optimize text, images and video so people find them.  This is an area that is evolving.  Right now all PR people should learn the basics but equally every PR agency should have access to an expert.

Really, that’s good advice for any professional working in media who also relies on a community. And nowadays, who doesn’t rely on community?