The Benefits And Opportunities Of Digital Personalization For Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The age of big data has raised the bar for customer interactions with brands.

When you’re shopping online, you’d like the company to know what you’ve ordered in the past and suggest similar items, right? And when you make a purchase from a website, whether it’s dinner delivery or an iPad, don’t you appreciate a thank you email, a coupon for your next buy, or another special touch?

What about if you sign up for a new startup’s service and you get a tweet or email from its founder? Doesn’t that make you feel extra jazzed about the brand?

It’s all about personalization these days (hence the huge import of Twitter customer service), and digital marketers must be sure to do their part.

The below infographic from Pardot examines where we are with digital personalization – the benefits of devoting resources to it, the opportunities to connect with consumers, and the status of digital marketers implementing personalization tactics today.

(Infographic via Pardot)