Digital Marketing Media: What $100K Buys [INFOGRAPHIC]

As new channels wage war for consumers’ attention, how much must digital marketers spend to break through the noise?

This insight-packed infographic from Edo Interactive examines what $100,000 buys in the realms of TV, online video, mobile, direct marketing, and social media.

Modern marketers must make tradeoffs between spend and reach. For example, $100k will get you a two-sided direct mail postcard sent to 100,000 people – OR four broadcast commercial spots on Bravo seen by 1.85 million.

Shell out a little more, $150k, and get one day of sponsored Twitter trends, an exposure of 18 million Twitterers. $200k gets you a Facebook display ad campaign seen by 266 million.

Check out the infographic, then share your insights in the comments:

(Source: Edo Interactive. Money image via Shutterstock.)

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