How Digital Marketers Engage On Twitter [REPORT]

B2B social marketing agency LeadTail, in collaboration with NetBase, recently produced a report analyzing the Twitter activity of 515 digital marketers (143,856 tweets and 69,657 shared links) during Q2 of 2013.

“How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter” provides insights into how digital marketers describe themselves, which social networks they’re active on, the content they share, and who most influences them.

The total follower reach of the studied marketers was 2,418,293; the median number of followers per marketer was 891.

Here’s a visualization of where the marketers were located geographically:

And the hashtags they used most:

The networks digital marketing pros in the study were most active on:

HootSuite was used most for sharing content on Twitter after and the official Tweet Button:

But from a mobile perspective, more than half used Instagram for sharing tweets:

Breakdown of content shared on Twitter by type:

Unsurprisingly, mainstream media sites are the most common content shared by digital marketers. The majority of that content is news, business, and strategy-focused, typically covering broad issues and trends.

Specifically, here are the top 25 mainstream media sources:

And the top 25 industry media sources of content shared:

You can download the report, packed with many more insights, in full from LeadTail here.

(Source: LeadTail.)