Digital Magazines Popular With Tablet Owners

Small study shows preference toward digital content

A recent survey by the media consultancy Mequoda Group found that one quarter of tablet owners polled engaged with digital magazines on a monthly basis.

Of the 1,293 respondents, 23 percent prefer reading magazines on their tablets. Mequoda Group—a company paid by legacy publishers to assist them in transitioning to digital—went on to predict that the majority of readers will prefer digital magazines to print by 2020.

About 13 percent of the respondents purchased a digital magazine or subscription in the past 30 days. The majority of participants (57 percent) said they prefer to consume content on their tablets in general.

The study also reported on the brand preferences of tablet owners: 62 percent of the respondents owned an Apple iPad, while 26 percent owned a Kindle Fire, 9 percent Samsung Galaxy, 6 percent a Nook HD and 4 percent were Google Nexus users.

"The rapid consumer adoption of tablets, and an early preference for digital magazines over print magazines by their users, leads us to conclude that a long-range digital publishing strategy is imperative to the survival and prosperity of every magazine publisher," Mequoda CEO Don Nicholas said.

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