Twitter, Facebook, Apps – Is Digital Clutter Taking Over Your Life? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the average Twitter user has 126 followers, but only 35 percent of these are actual people?

The rest? Brands, bots and spam. Collectively, Twitter sees hundreds of millions of tweets sent from its users each and every day, but this electronic impact isn’t limited to just one micro-blogging network. Facebook, email, YouTube, photos, financial information and all that personal data on your mobile and home computer adds up to a veritable mountain-load of internet content… all of which makes up your digital existence.

Which, of course, is increasingly bleeding into and become a seriously important part of your real life, too. Is all that e-clutter getting out of control? Are we hoarding data and apps that we neither use nor need?

This infographic from Trend Micro takes a closer look at the map of your digital life.

(Source: Trend Micro. Data image via Shutterstock.)