Ad Age Contributor Dons ‘LA Douchebag Best’

OK, we get it; the San Francisco Giants are world champs and the LA Dodgers may not be able to make payroll at the end of the month. But does Ad Age contributor Jim Louderback have to kick dirt on us when we’re down?

In an article entitled “The Seven Biggest Lies Out of Digital Hollywood,” the CEO of digital TV network Revision3 frames his San Francisco-to-LAX journey for this week’s Digital Hollywood conference as follows:

This year, like I’ve done for years uncounted, I dressed up in my LA douchebag best (designer jeans, untucked stripey shirt, and blazer)… As usual, I was on a panel with what felt like the entire cast of Glee. And as usual, the room was packed with folks dressed like me.

Louderback’s list of the seven top Digital Hollywood fibs is actually pretty instructive. For the record, his alleged Glee-like panel mates Tuesday morning included NBC/Universal’s Pam Schechter and Tribune Media Services’ Jay Fehnel.