Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we’re all aware, the technology that infiltrates every aspect of our lives leaves us prone to distraction constantly.

But is there a subtle hierarchy in what kinds of digital distraction trump others? If you’re composing an email but get a notification that someone tweeted you, are you apt to leave the email and check out Twitter? What if you then get a text message? Or someone tags you in a photo on Facebook?

Graphic designer David McCandless decided to take a look. Check out his findings, below.

In the diagram, each level in the hierarchy trumps the next.

As McCandless puts it,

“So, if you get a new msg on Facebook, but your landline rings, you’ll take the landline call. You might have a spasmodic moment of ‘uh? wadd I do’. But, usually, you’ll take the call.”

Does his graphic resemble how you process digital distractions? Does an email from your romantic partner trump a Skype message? Does a Twitter DM from a “palpable weirdo” get trumped by notification of a new Twitter follower, even if it’s a “stranger (unhot)”? Chime in, below.

(Infographic via Information is Beautiful; image via Shutterstock)