Digital Director Weighs Unfairness of Gov. Shutdown Via Brother, Duvet Cover

Like many people, Catherine Andrews, the director of digital content at Home Front DC, a strategic communications agency, and formerly the Editorial Director of Washingtonian, grew emotional about the government shutdown last night.

Naturally she gravitated to Twitter to vent. Hers was among the more colorful rants as she swayed from her difficult task of putting together her bedding to the more serious issue of her brother.

“If I can figure out how to put my duvet on in under 20 minutes, Congress can figure out a way to avoid the shutdown,” she wrote, adding, “Because seriously that duvet was REALLY complicated.”

This is when her thoughts escalated into rage. “Driving me insane that congress can’t pass gun legislation that could prevent mass shootings like one my brother endured two weeks ago,” she wrote. “But they CAN declare him essential and make him work without pay starting tomorrow. RAGE FACE.”