Digital Developments: Launches Politics Channel; Attempts to Breed Editorial Debate

The Atlantic launched a new Web Channel: Edited by Marc Ambinder and financially ‘fueled’ by Shell gasoline, the website is said to “integrate original reporting, posts, dispatches and interviews with features such as an at-a-glance look at President Obama by the numbers.” The Atlantic claims 20,000 daily page views from a similar property; Business.TheAtlantic.Com that went live last month.

While we’re talking Web, The Washington Post has officially invited readers to debate the paper’s editorial board. The concept is wrapped into a few enhancements headlined as “features to let users interact with editorial board.” The initiative is essentially a discussion group dubbed “Editorial Judgment” and a new process for submitting letters to the editor. See press release excerpt:

Beginning today, editors will periodically select and feature letters they feel offer practicable policy suggestions. Members of The Washington Post editorial board will then investigate and report on the possibility of these ideas in a larger editorial. If after an investigation the editors feel an idea would not work, they will explain why. When they feel a suggestion will be feasible, they will report that and support putting the idea into action.

Seems a little complicated and lengthy. Isn’t instant gratification the appeal of interactive features on a news media website? Check it out for yourself by visiting Then submit your thoughts to us. *they’ll appear almost instantly*