Digital Shoppers: Emerging Paths To Purchase [INFOGRAPHIC]

Worldwide, consumers are doing research online, making purchases from their smartphones, and say they trust their peers’ purchase feedback on social media more than expert reviews.

In an effort to explore how consumers are moving on from the last decade’s simple and static model of e-commerce to today’s complex and dynamic systems, digital agency Havas Worldwide created the following infographic.

More statistics of note:

· More than 4 in 10 shoppers have used a smartphone to check for a better price or customer reviews while in a store.

· 25% have used a mobile device to shop.

· 52% like to share brand and product experiences on social media.

· 78% say shopping online saves them money.

What style of digital shopper are you?

(Source: Havas Worldwide. Shopping image via Shutterstock.)

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