Digital Chocolate Passes 10 Million MAU on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games

The newest Playdom game, City of Wonder has breezed to to the top of this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, but it’s not alone in big gains; The Price Is Right has also made another appearance, edging over a million new MAU:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder8,258,944+3,090,907+60%
2.App_2_122353571139137_4163 The Price Is Right Game1,820,953+1,042,013+134%
3.Original Texas HoldEm Poker33,892,121+773,118+2%
4.Original MMA Pro Fighter2,530,656+673,668+36%
5.Original Millionaire City7,103,233+598,341+9%
6.Original Nightclub City8,508,084+549,207+7%
7.Original Ikariam – The free browser game665,457+520,049+358%
8.Original Kingdoms of Camelot6,177,127+494,491+9%
9.Original Games6,934,563+433,118+7%
10.App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island542,369+408,910+306%
11.Original Lucky Train1,307,932+336,363+35%
12.App_2_138368046186693_7846 Franchise Football380,010+305,881+413%
13.App_2_256799621935_1837 Car Town4,135,108+275,290+7%
14.Original Funflow1,520,130+265,042+21%
15.App_2_138575656172984_7917 Madden NFL Superstars291,395+264,649+989%
16.Original Toilet Paper Roll2,380,704+251,582+12%
17.Original Ninja Saga5,318,383+243,720+5%
18.Original Monster World3,431,226+202,080+6%
19.Original Tattoo City2,802,804+190,645+7%
20.Original Backyard Monsters1,488,346+188,039+14%

Although City of Wonder’s three million MAU gain looks impressive, the percentage of those monthly actives that return as daily active users has sunk to just 12 percent — significantly lower than most Facebook games. That may indicate trouble in the future for this title.

The Price Is Right accelerated over the week, picking up a million new MAU. Like City of Wonder, its DAU / MAU (or stickiness factor) is fairly low, but that’s less unusual for a game-show themed app.

Digital Chocolate appears to be spending on advertising; both MMA Pro Fighter and Millionaire City made substantial gains, coming in together at number four and five. The company also passed 10 million MAU during the week.

Ikariam – The free browser game is the least widely known game on the upper half of the list. As we mentioned when the title showed up on Friday, it’s a combination of city-building and strategy, imported to Facebook from an existing web-based version.

The other new title on the list is Critter Island, which appeared at the top of Friday’s list of emerging games. The island management game is helping to revive Lolapps, which saw traffic from its popular quiz apps dip when it turned its focus to making games.