Digital Book World: Now a Community

Jumping off of the successful Digital Book World conference held last month, F+W Media has announced that Digital Book World will continue as an ongoing online community resource for publishers “designed to help them successfully navigate the digital transition,” according to a press release.

The DBW community is already up and running at the DBW Website, and currently features posts mostly about the Macmillan / Amazon standoff. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Director of Programming and Business Development for F+W and one of the major organizers of the conference, will head up the community in collaboration with a new advisory board.

In a post explaining the new community, F+W CEO David Nussbaum sounds off on why he thinks DBW will become an important resource for the publishing community:

Clearly there is need for our community to come together, to focus on the issues, to share wins and losses, to offer networking opportunities, and to be a watercooler/big tent for all to gather — in person, and virtually.

Thus, Digital Book World is born.