How Social Media, Mobile And Video Influence Apparel Purchases [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that more than a quarter (26 percent) of shoppers use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as a media source when researching apparel purchases?

That’s a pretty stocky number that ranks only behind online reviews (28 percent), speciality websites (42 percent), department store websites (43 percent) and the apparel brand’s own website (45 percent) – and already some way ahead of traditional media, such as TV, newspapers and magazines – amongst consumers.

This data is courtesy of a survey undertaken by Google and Compete back in July, which studied the purchasing habits of apparel shoppers. The research determined that mobile is playing an increasingly strong role in brand discovery, with 47 percent of shoppers finding brands via their mobile device. More importantly for businesses, mobile researchers spend more and buy more often, with one in four purchasing products six or more times in the past six months, compared to just one in six of non-mobile researchers.

Video, too, has started to command the attention of marketers, with four in ten consumers visiting a clothing store or retailer website after viewing apparel videos online.

This infographic from Marketing Zeus takes a closer look at the digital influence on apparel purchases.

(Source: Marketing Zeus. Shopping cart image via Shutterstock.)

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