Digisocial adds audio functionality to the social sharing scene

New audio-enabled social sharing app Digisocial launched today. The app aims to combine audio with photo sharing, an effort the company believes will shake up the “stagnant” social sharing scene.

“We want to make sure that people are able to do more than just text,” Marco Mereu, VP of communications at Digisocial, told Inside Mobile Apps. “We want to give them the ability to send instant voice texts to each other. [Digisocial] is really taking all of the aspects of social sharing we all like right now, and brining in that element of voice.”

Digisocial allows users to share images, texts and audio across major social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as on Digisocial’s own social network. The app’s differentiator is its VoicePhotos feature, which allows users to attach an audio recording — such as audio commentary or a live music sample of a band at a concert — to a photo. Digisocial also packs in stylized photo filters similar to Instagram.

Users can search for content on Digisocial’s network with hastags as they do on Twitter and Instagram. Digisocial plans to maintain hot posts of the day, which are aggregated based on hashtags they discover.

Digisocial’s voice sharing feature may sound familiar to Facebook’s recent addition of voice messaging to their Messenger app on iOS and Android, which allows users to send one-minute long messages.

Mereu believes that while a lot of their competitors have some of the same functionality as Digisocial, none of them bring all the functionality from each competitor into one app like they do.

Despite many apps building an install base through paid installs and other user acquisition tactics, Mereu says Digisocial doesn’t see a value in that. “We’re big believers in organic adoption,” he says. “We see a lot of value in real users that are going to stay on your network and convert other people to want to use it.”

During Digisocial’s soft launch in Canada, with no marketing behind the app, Digisocial ranked in the top 10 in the top free apps social networking genre, according to our traffic tracking service AppData.

“There’s one girl on Digisocial right now who literally will take requests for her to sing a song and she’ll sing full songs into her Digisocial account and post them,” Mereu says. “Almost like she is auditioning for American Idol or something.”

Mereu says the core features of Digisocial will always be free, but down the road, the company may monetize the app through additional content, premier services or a gaming aspect.

Digisocial, which was founded in 2011, is self-funded up to this point, so they don’t have any pressure from venture capitalists to immediately turn a profit on the app, Mereu says. They can run through the app’s life at their own pace, so they can grow Digisocial’s platform organically, he adds.

The app is available now for free on the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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