Digg Tweaks News Filters, Search, About Page

Digg released another series of updates, which include the ability to filter My News by activity type, an updated site header for searching, and a better About site with improved navigation. More from software engineer Will Larson via the Digg Blog:

When a user logs into Digg for the first time, they are now taken directly to their My News Trending page, filled with the most active stories on Digg. Above the list of stories is a brief explanation of how to get started on Digg with links to our more comprehensive explanation on about.digg.com (We have also made a “Getting Started on Digg” video, which will be included soon). All other components of onboarding have been moved into modules on the right column.
To increase quality in the initial experience, we released My News Trending. My News Trending has a major feature that accounts for the improved experience: It is always full of stories. This means that even if you are a brand new user who hasn’t followed a soul or Dugg a story, you will immediately find interesting and timely content.
We developed a module framework for the right column that customizes modules by examining the current user and page. So rather than asking users to immediately pick people to follow and social networks to connect, those steps are spread out over multiple modules. Since only a few modules are ever shown on any given page, the onboarding is distributed over a longer time, reducing friction. Now users can take their time tuning their Digg experience, rather than attempting a huge setup and configuration the first time they create an account and log in.

There is a lot of news out there, and it can be hard to find what you are personally interested in. Recently we launched My News Trending, which takes an algorithmic approach to personalizing news, and now we are also adding several filtering options to My News Recent to support further slicing your news.
These filters are visible after selecting the “Recent” sort in My News, and they make it possible to see your time-ordered activity from Diggers you are following filtered for submissions, comments, or Diggs. If you are looking for the latest discussions among your friends, try filtering by comments. If you’re looking for your friends’ latest blog posts, try filtering by submissions.
We were not intending to deemphasize search — rather, we ran out of room while trying to make it easier to submit stories from any page. We have updated the header to one that tries to strike a more even balance between submission and search.
The new Digg About site now puts our blog content front and center. The updated What is Digg? page gives a quick overview of what Digg is, and we have updated the sections for advertisers and publishers, as well.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.