Digg Launches Facebook Connect Integration – Tour & First Impressions

Nearly a year after Digg announced it would support Facebook Connect, the integration has finally gone live. Now, Digg users can login, share, and find and invite friends through Facebook Connect. Here’s how it looks:

1. Now, the Digg login screen offers users the choice to login with their Digg or Facebook accounts.

2. After logging in through Facebook Connect, Digg gives you the option to automatically become Digg friends with Facebook friends who are also on Digg. This is a powerful feature because it removes the need to “refriend” your friends on Digg. You’re also given the option to overwrite your current Digg photo and name with your Facebook profile photo and real name.

3. Once you’ve successfull logged in through Facebook Connect, Digg gives you the option to share Diggs, Comments, and Submissions through your Facebook feed, as well as invite your Facebook friends to Digg using the familiar multi-friend selector.


Overall, Digg’s Facebook Connect implementation looks great. It takes advantage of all the key features of Facebook Connect – authentication, content distribution, and enhanced social context – which should increase the quality and authenticity of Diggs and Comments on the site.

For many publishers, Facebook is becoming an increasingly important channel for content distribution. While it took Digg a long time to get this far, this is a great first step in bridging the power of content sharing of Digg and Facebook. We expect to see further updates to make sharing between the two services even easier down the line.

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