Digg Founder Kevin Rose Gives @Milk Handle to Small Creamery

Kevin Rose, the serial entrepreneur known for founding Digg, has given away his very valuable “@milk” Twitter handle to the small Straus Family Creamery based in Marshall, California per a Tweet moments ago.

Just weeks after quitting Digg in the spring of 2011, Rose announced the founding of Milk, Inc. to develop mobile web and app ideas. Presumably, Rose held the @milk handle for years prior to selling the startup to Google in 2012.

Though the act of selling a handle violates Twitter’s terms of service, it can be done with permission. @Milk could have gone to the California Milk Processor Board (known for the Goodby-Silverstein classic tagline “Got Milk?”) or one of several dairy lobbies.

A four-letter Twitter handle isn’t quite as rare as such a short URL, but it’s close. The family-owned dairy in Marin County makes “field to bottle” products that (we assume) sell very well down the road in the big Bay Area cities. At any rate, Rose has well over a million followers — so Straus just got a whole lot of free PR.

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