Digg Begins Rolling Out Three New Features

Digg announced the rollout of three new features: a new design; displaying users’ historical number of and percentage of stories promoted to Top News; and optional on-site and email notification when stories are promoted.

The changes will be rolled out to about 15 percent of logged-in users Monday, software developer Will Larson wrote on the Digg Blog, with all users gaining access over the next several weeks.

Larson wrote:

This new design includes a new way to browse between the different sections of the site and an easier way to filter your content. We’ve simplified the design to make stories more prominent and easier to read. The newly organized profile page makes it a snap to see all of your statistics. And last but not least, a new submission flow makes submitting stories easier. We couldn’t wait any longer to share these with our users and gather feedback before a public rollout, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Since launching V4, we’ve been working on importing data from V3 into our new system. It’s ended up taking much longer than we expected, and today’s push will reveal two important statistics: the number of stories each user has had promoted to Top News, and the percentage of stories they have submitted that have reached Top News.

The last change we’re pushing out today is notifications for when stories reach Top News. The first allows you to be notified when a story you submit is promoted to Top News, and the second notifies you when a story you Dugg is promoted to Top News. Together, they should help you understand how your impact shapes the front page of Digg.

Like our other notifications, you can opt-in to receiving them either on-site or via email.