Differences Between The AT&T and Verizon iPhones

The consensus amongst the Verizon iPhone 4 reviews is that there is little functional difference between the Verizon and AT&T versions of the iPhone, beyond the portable hotspot capabilities that were widely known. Of course, the main difference between the two phones is that they have different radios in them to support the different wireless technologies that AT&T and Verizon use. It turns out that because of the different wireless technologies, there are some subtle differences in the phone settings between the two versions of the iPhone.

The TUAW web site has a table that shows the differences. You will note that the GSM version sold by AT&T has several menu options to do things like enabling call forwarding. To forward calls from the Verizon iPhone you have to enter a special dial code, basically hiding the capability from users. In fact if you have a Verizon iPhone and have a need to change some of these settings, you might want to print off a copy of TUAW’s article.

One noticable difference in functionality is pointed out in TUAW’s table. The AT&T iPhone’s conference calling capability can handle up to five simultaneouse calls, while the Verizon iPhone can only handle two. Another important difference that I didn’t even know was a limitation of CDMA networks is that you cannot put a call on hold with the Verizon iPhone because CDMA networks to not support the capability.