Diet Coke Never Really Had a Drug Problem

Apparently, Diet Coke was just fake-dabbling in drugs; it never really had a problem.

You may recall that the “You’re On. Diet Coke” campaign attracted a bit of mockery back in March from a bunch of journalists who may or may not have written from personal experience.

We assumed that was the joke, but in the wake of such harsh media criticism Diet Coke seems to have grown both self-conscious and overly confident. They’ve been acting a little nervous and jittery. They want something new, something fresh. Just a little taste.

At any rate, the company decided to turn in-house and develop a new campaign…with a thirty-year-old tagline.

While this new spot is perfectly good, we feel like it could just be missing a little something: a spark; an edge; a bit of spontaneous inspiration…

Coca-Cola insists that the new campaign isn’t a retreat or an apology, but we do almost wish they’d stuck with the original idea. Think of all the not-so-hidden puns the creatives at the company’s AOR could have written!

…on second though, we get it.