Diesel PR Head Leaves To Start Firm

Erin Hawker, head of press and publicity at Diesel USA, has left the company to start her own agency, Agentry PR LLC, Women’s Wear Daily reports.

She will reunite with Dan Barton, a former vice president of marketing at Diesel USA, as Agentry PR will operate as a division of his marketing firm No Such Agency.

Hawker last pitched PRNewser on Diesel’s “BE STUPID” campaign in January. Pitch after the jump.

Hi there,

Hope you’re well and that you had a nice weekend. I wanted to introduce myself as the head of public relations for Diesel USA. I was hoping to take a second of your time to also introduce you to the new Diesel brand campaign, BE STUPID. That may sound, well stupid at first read, but once you start to uncover the message of the campaign you will come to realize stupid is not so stupid but actually pretty smart!

How many times have you been told to quit acting STUPID? But in the end, sometimes being so-called stupid was actually smart. Be Stupid is a synonym for being brave, taking chance, following your heart. Ignore the can’ts, don’ts and won’ts of this world and BE STUPID; Go the unbeaten path with Diesel and you could have the opportunity to create something new, unique and ultimately brilliant.

The brand campaign blitz starts this month. A complete worldwide 360 marketing program.

By end of January, 8,000 limited-edition t-shirts will be given out to influencers in NYC and LA. We’ll see month-long subway station dominations at Bryant Park, Lafayette Street, and West 4thin NYC. Street snipes will line the streets in NYC, LA ad SF. Prominent billboards will go up in LA and NYC. 13 Diesel stores will have complete window takeovers. Loads of BE STUPID events will be held in NYC and LA. There are a few other surprises planned, so be sure to follow the BE STUPID path that will lead you to fun innovation and new discoveries.

We’d love the opportunity to explain more in depth.
Let us know if you would like additional information etc.

Thank you!