Die Hard DVD to Include Digital Mobile Copy

diehard.jpgReuters is reporting that in an industry first, 20th Century Fox is expected to announce Tuesday that the special-edition DVD of “Live Free or Die Hard” will come with an electronic copy of the complete movie that can be played on a computer and select portable video players.

“This may be the killer app, where you have physical media that allows you to have a big-screen experience and at the same time move the file around to other devices and have a great experience there as well,” said Mike Dunn, worldwide president of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, the studio’s home-video division, in the article.

Supported devices will include anything that supports Microsoft’s PlaysForSure, such as video players from Archos, Toshiba, Samsung, RCA, Creative Labs, and Dell.

New ‘Die Hard’ DVD Throws Bone to Portable Video [Reuters via PC Magazine]