Did Zac Posen Steal the Spotlight at the Met Gala Last Night?

Zac Posen was definitely in his element.

metmuseum zacThe Met Gala was in full effect last night, which means everyone today is talking about who wore what. Given that this year the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute is featuring the exhibit “Charles James: Beyond Fashion,” ball gowns would be a most appropriate tie-in. James’ own designs included lots of volume, lots of strapless, lots of what you would think if you were to immediately conjure the image of a princess.

So it should be no surprise that Zac Posen was a popular choice. Sarah Silverman, model Arizona Muse and Dita von Teese were among the seven celebs on the red carpet wearing his designs.

“Posen’s gowns tend to be elaborately constructed, often sporting bodices with folds and creases that resemble sartorial origami,” writes The Washington Post. In a world where modern red carpet fashion tends to vacillate between sleek and slouchy, Posen’s heavily tailored and structured pieces are fussy in a way that can seem anachronistic. “

But when the moment calls for it — and let’s face it, if you’re going to the Met Gala, you’re having a moment — this is when you want to pull out the big guns. (Or big ruffles, if you will.)

For the designer and Project Runway host, this could be just the moment that his label needs.

When Posen first came on the scene at the age of 20, celebrities wore his designs all the time, in part because they were beautiful and in part because he was the young fashion phenom of the moment. His name was on everyone’s lips, including Sean “Diddy” Combs who invested in his business.

But much like fashion itself, attitudes changed. Some thought all of Posen’s cockiness grew unbecoming, and business issues behind the scenes put him in “survival mode,” he’s said. After a bit of a beating through a few rough years, he took the judging spot on Project Runway replacing Michael Kors in 2012.

Now he’s in his early 30s, back on the backs of big names like Oprah and Michelle Obama and, as of about one year ago according to The New York Times, he was on the path to business profitability.

But a lot of fashion is reputation. Who’s wearing what at the biggest events is important for a fashion label and having your name trip off the tongues of A-listers going to one of the top three fashion events of the entire year can build a brand in a way that a seat next to Heidi Klum on Lifetime won’t. The event last night may have given him a shine and notability that he can ride to even greater heights. Perez Hilton says he won the night. We’d have to make it a three-way tie between Sarah Jessica Parker in this fun and winning look and Karolina Kurkova in this Marchesa gown that is nothing short of a dream.