Did Your Business Miss the Facebook Username Landrush? It’s Not Too Late.

Millions of names were reserved in the first 24 hours after the Facebook username landrush opened 10 days ago. And while Facebook blocked a significant number of generic usernames and trademarks from being registered, many businesses are still finding that someone else took their business name or trademark on Facebook. So, is it too late?

No – the good news is Facebook is willing to help out businesses whose names or trademarks are being squatted (intentionally or unintentionally) by other Facebook users. All you have to do is fill out the Facebook client username request form here and Facebook will review your request.

While Facebook has not shared its policies for which requests it accepts and rejects publicly, Facebook is taking a very clear stance on returning Facebook usernames to rights holders, and many businesses have recovered their desired username in the days since the initial rush. (If your business Page still hasn’t claimed its username at all, you can still do so here.)

It’s also worth noting that Pages with under 1,000 fans still haven’t been able to register Facebook usernames – the doors will open to them June 28. Facebook has initially prevented Pages with under 1,000 fans from claiming usernames to mitigate squatting, but now that every Page is getting turned loose, we can expect to see a fresh round of aggressive Facebook username squatting this weekend.