Did The White House Press Corps Just Diss Kinsolving?

From Friday’s WH press briefing:

    Q First, two questions — to borrow a phrase from Lester. (Laughter.)

    MR. SNOW: That’s a new role model. (Applause.)

(Les Kinsolving)

Is it because of these sort of exchanges? (from Wednesday)

    Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. As titular leader of the Republican Party, and a friend of Senator McCain, how does the President believe the Senator can recover so many of his resigned staff and raise more money?

    MR. SNOW: We don’t get into that. You know that, Les.

    Q All right. The Washington Post this morning quoted Senator Vitter’s wife as having said — (laughter) — “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. I think fear is a very good motivating factor in marriage.” What is the President’s reaction to that?

    MR. SNOW: Come on, Les, not going to dignify it. Thank you.