Did The Right Scoop Piss Off the Wrong FOXNews.com Staffer?

Someone at political blog The Right Scoop must have really ticked off someone at FOXNews.com: The blog claims that the news site is blocking it from embedding its video content.

From a post on The Right Scoop:

I was trying to post clips made available from Fox News earlier today since it’s obvious they don’t want me recording and uploading their content to YouTube. I decided to oblige them and just use their material.

But the clips wouldn’t post. I investigated and found they are blocking me in their code from video.foxnews.com!

The embed code looks like this:

I took the actual source link itself and pasted it in the address bar of my browser:


Go ahead, click the link above. It outputs their code with my domain in it (‘therightscoop’):

I’m not a JavaScript expert, but my guess is that the above is saying not to embed the video if the domain is therightscoop. Dang, I guess I really pissed them off!

I wonder if they knew I would find this? hmmmm.