Did Oreo Win Twitter Again? (Yes, They Did)

We missed this social media branding win last week, but when the words “Oreo” and “social media” showed up together on our Twitter feed this morning we knew we had to check it out. Seems like the team at 360i (see below)** won again in a friendly exchange between the cookie guys, sort-of rival Kit Kat and a fan who can’t get enough of either. It all started with this:

Kit Kat saw an opportunity and grabbed it two days later:

That evening, Oreo came back and killed it:

So not only did Oreo’s social team craft the perfect response, they did it while taking the high road and even complimenting Kit Kat (like they just had to break off a piece). And while they didn’t break this game wide open in record time, they did respond only seven hours after Kit Kat laid the challenge down.

Bravo, sirs. Leading the pack once again.

**Do you want to learn how to pull brilliant social media stunts like this one? Sign up for Mediabistro‘s online Social Media Marketing Bootcamp, which runs from April 16-June 4. The opening keynote speaker will be Matt Wurst, director of digital communications for 360i — that’s right, the guys behind the Oreo account!