Did Major Keep His Unusual New Year’s Resolution?

When NJ‘s Congressional Correspondent Major Garrett makes New Year’s resolutions, he thinks big. This year he had the unique goal of reading James Joyce‘s Ulysses by June 16. He told C-SPAN2’s  Book TV: “I started that on January 1st. It’s a New Year’s resolution of mine to plow through that by June 16, that’s Bloomsday. I don’t recommend it. It’s a classic. But it’s impenetrable — very hard to read, but I’ll get it done.”

The book is 265,000 words and divided into eighteen chaotic episodes — so not the easiest of tomes. Even the “Contents” section had us shuddering.

So did Garrett get it done?

“I finished it at 7 am June 17,” he told FBDC. “I woke up at 3 am to finish the task…so it might have been Bloomsday in Polynesian, but on my own clock I failed. The book tormented me throughout but, oddly, I miss it. I’m not hunting podcasts and internet blogs to help me comprehend the incomprehensible. I’m glad I did it – if for no other reason I didn’t give up.”

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