Did Little Debbie Miss a Chance to Go Viral with Will Ferrell?

Sadly, yes.

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Landing a major movie star as a brand ambassador is generally an unquestioned win for a company, especially when that “spokesperson” is a regular on late night comedy shows. But what happens when a celebrity hijacks your brand without warning and uses it to create a phenomenally awkward and utterly bizarre moment of late night comedy?

If you’re Little Debbie in the face of Will Ferrell‘s recent appearance on The Tonight Show, you freeze and do nothing.

While the undeniably strange yet somehow-charming video (below) has gone viral, the brand itself has been completely mum on the subject, prompting some in media/PR to ask two questions: could Little Debbie have been behind the whole thing? And if not (as most suspect), who’s asleep at the wheel?!

We realize Will Ferrell in a dress, urging Jimmy Fallon‘s audience to partake in a Snack Cake, may not be quite the wholesome image the brand wants to portray. But this type of isntant attention — however unexpected or strange — is a huge opportunity for the company (and its PR firm), and the window to take advantage of it is quickly closing. If you’ve been thrust suddenly into the spotlight, you should probably start dancing!

UPDATE: Little Debbie clarifies that it had nothing to do with the appearance. But we’re guessing that the company is still thankful for all the social media attention.